Thursday, May 23, 2024

How do we make money?

Understanding how to generate revenue is a critical aspect of running a successful business. The way a business owner approaches the question, "How do we make money?" can reveal a lot about their strategy, priorities, and focus. This seemingly simple question is extremely profound: the answers are crucial to business success. But: how do you ask the question?

Intonation matters

Try emphasizing different words in this simple question: you'll see how various facets of running a business gain the spotlight.

In the table below, you can see how different emphasis leads you to explore how different perspectives influence business decisions and strategies. This analysis helps in pinpointing key areas for improvement and ensuring that the business's efforts are aligned with its financial goals.

Emphasis Focus Key Questions
How Means
  • What are the specific steps, techniques, or strategies we are using to generate income?
  • Are our current methods effective, or do we need to explore new ones?
Do Confirmation
  • Are we actually making money?
  • Can we confirm that our business activities are resulting in revenue?
  • Let's verify our earnings and ensure our efforts are paying off.
We People
  • What role does each member of our team play in making money?
  • How does our collective effort contribute to our revenue?
  • Is everyone contributing effectively?
Make Generation
  • What activities or products are we creating that generate income?
  • Are we being innovative or productive in ways that increase our revenue?
  • How can we optimize our operations to make more money?
Money Outcome
  • How well does our business drive profit?
  • Which of our actitivies are aligned with the creation of profit?
  • How do we ensure the business stays efficient in producing a positive bottom line?

You may find different questions and different answers for yourself. Whatever you discover - be aware that the answers are unique. They define your business. You can not copy these answers from others, nor can we give you the "right" answers.

If you find this exercise inspiring, and haven't had enough: try emphasizing two words and see how that changes your answers.


Dissecting the question "How do we make money?" by emphasizing different words provides valuable insights into the nature of your business.

Each emphasis highlights a different aspect of the business - from the methods and processes employed to the roles of the team members and ultimately, bottom line benefits.

By carefully considering these perspectives, business owners can develop a more comprehensive and effective approach to revenue generation, and also learn where currently, there are gaps between expectation and reality. This nuanced understanding enables them to optimize their strategies, enhance teamwork, and prioritize actions that lead to sustainable financial success.

Remember - the path to a successful business is not just about the end result but about the journey to get there.

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