TWEAK - build sustainable agile teams

When starting with new teams, hyperproductivity is a desirable, though usually far out of reach goal. Here is a small overview to bring your team some significant steps closer towards a hyperproductive state. All you need to do is TWEAK things up.

TWEAK stands for:

Each of these factors will help the team become better at what they do, and none of them should be neglected, less the product and team would fall apart.

You can TWEAK your team today.
Identify one pressing factor - drill it down to a single actionable item, then go from there. You can always return for an additional TWEAK.

When you think your team is smooth enough, do not stop with the team. You can TWEAK your management, your organization - even your customer relationships! When you TWEAK everything, you will greatly improve the performance of your product!

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