Monday, May 30, 2016

Scrum - Are you selling Snake Oil or the Real Deal?

Scrum is a highly effective methodology for Software Development Project Management. Companies transitioning to Scrum have witnessed massive performance boosts of 300% upward. Scrum has low adaption barriers, transitioning to Scrum just takes a few days. Scrum will seamlessly integrate with your current organization and can be applied by any team. Anyone can do Scrum. All you need is a couple days of CSM/CSPO training and you're ready to get going. The traditional problems of long time-to-market, high cost of delivery and poor quality are all of the past: You will see new, valuable features delivered every 2 weeks!

This is the claim of Snake Oil Scrum. Let us examine what happens when you buy and apply it. Let's contrast this with the actual intentions behind Scrum:

Snake Oil Scrum - debunked!

Now, let's be more honest.

What is Scrum?

When you are familiar with traditional Software development, you will see Scrum as a vastly different approach. Few of the paradigms in traditional management are applicable in the modern business world, and Scrum takes that into account.
Embracing Scrum's agile mindset can tremendously boost productivity, morale and revenue.
Scrum's structure is easy to implement. It provides a solid basis to reinvent your organization completely.
Scrum's learning curve is steep: bad practices will become transparent and opened up to scrutinous inspection and adaption. Scrum will quickly reveal the unsolved problems in your organization, then encourage teams to experiment and find their own solutions. Continously challenging the status quo leads to a journey of lifelong learning - for the benefit of customers, the organization and employees alike.
Scrum focuses on value, increments and short delivery timespans.
Consequently keeping this focus delights customers, reveals quality issues early and permits robust, yet flexible planning even in challenging circumstances.
As a manager, there are only a few things you must do: Bring the right people together - and enable them to do the right thing! Scrum has no place for management hierarchies, reporting and controls. Do you dare to let your teams succeed?

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