Tuesday, June 21, 2016

5 Patterns for agile leadership (Summary)

Being an agile leader is a difficult task: Your job is not to tell others what to do, but to enable them to do the right thing. But that may be very hard, based on management practices you might have learned over the years. Failure to provide a proper environment for your workers will most likely make you completely un-attractive as an agile leader. 

In this simple guide, we provide you with an overview over 5 patterns that you should heed in order to become a better agile leader.

Will people avoid you or flock to you?

Here are the patterns:
  1. Grow, don't exploit
  2. Clarify goals, don't confuse
  3. Support, don't impede
  4. Focus on outcomes, not status
  5. Capture hearts, don't break them

By following these five simple patterns, you can become a valuable, positive manager in an agile organization.

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