Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Visualization tip: The "i" people

Visualization can help a lot in communication. While technical people can easily draw some UML or ER-Diagram, they quickly feel challenged when having to draw people interacting in different ways. But drawing people isn't hard. Here, I'll show you a way to draw people based on the letter "i". These "i-people" can be doing all kinds of things. 
There is absolutely no magic in there and it's a good way to lose the shyness of drawing people.

1 - draw a handwritten "i" base.

2 - draw the head. It's just the dot on the "i", but you use a circle:

3 - Use the arms to make the person do something. To stand still, just draw a straight line from left to right on the tip of the base:

Now, that really wasn't hard.
Next, you just use different line shapes for the arm, and your i-people can do quite a lot of things:

For this exercise, I've exactly copy+pasted the "i" and added different arms.
It's really not hard.

Just try it!

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