Sunday, June 10, 2018

Not Scrum - not a problem

We have been warned in our CSM training: "Scrum’s roles, events, artifacts, and rules are immutable and although implementing only parts of Scrum is possible, the result is not Scrum." - any deviation from Scrum leads to a dangerous "Scrum-But" - or worse ... so, you should stick to Scrum as per Guide!

Is that even a problem? Forget it!

Why would we even care if "the result is not Scrum"?

Here are a few examples of "results that aren't Scrum" ...

Unless you are in the business of producing and selling Scrum - why would it even be a problem if "the result is not Scrum"!

Scrum is but one of many means of achieving better business outcomes. It is neither a desirable outcome, nor the focus of your attention - again, unless you're making your money from Scrum.

As agnostic agile practitioners, we aren't forced to sell Scrum. We're trying to help our clients achieve better relevant business outcomes - more sales, more revenue, new markets, happier customers. If Scrum helps us get there, we're happy with Scrum as far as it helps. When Scrum becomes a distraction or an impediment - we'll gladly throw Scrum as per Guide overboard and do something else that works.

 "If you deviate, the result is not Scrum!" is a kind of fearmongering that only works on those who don't know that there are other, equally valid approaches. There's plenty of them around.

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