Thursday, May 8, 2014

Proud to Fail

Whether you are working in an Agile environment or not, there are small and big failures every day.
As long as we are humans, we are not omniscient, and therefore, will fail.

I remember a story I read somewhere, many years ago:
In a company was a young manager who was in charge of a $2m project. He made a severe mistake in the planning, the project failed. Others asked the CEO "Why don't you fire him?" - to which he replied "Why should I fire someone into whose education I have just invested $2m?"

As Agile practitioners, we should live in an environment devoid of coverups and blame-games. We should have the courage be open and honest with our shortcomings, without fear of reprisal.

The difference between a wise person and a fool is not that the wise person never failed.
Wisdom means learning from their failures - and improving.
Even better, we can use our own failure in order to help others improve!

I, am glad to have worked in such an environment for years.
In this blog, I want to share stories about failure and the lessons I have learned.

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