Tuesday, January 24, 2017

TWEAK: Willingness

When trust is given, it must be followed with a desire, a willingness. Willingness is "the other side" of motivation. Agile Development regards intrinsic motivation over extrinsic motivation, so when willingness is impeded, you must find out the root cause so that people can release their potential.
As a Scrum Master, you should consider, as taken straight from Dan Pink's "Drive":
  • Purpose: Is the product important to the:
    • Product Owner?
    • Customer?
    • Management?
    • Team?
    • Society?
    • World?
  • Autonomy: Who calls the shots on:
    • Team constellation?
    • New features?
    • Processes?
    • Technology?
    • Activities (e.g. team events)?
  • Mastery: Considering Shu-Ha-Ri. Where is the team regarding:
    • Being a team?
    • Their technology?
    • The Product?
    • The Market?
    • Agility?
Do not feel pressured to achieve full willingness within everyone, both management and the team, on day One. Moving a rather complacent individual to be highly willing may take a long time, depending on the circumstances and duration for which complacency had set in.

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