Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Do you really want high utilization?

Let's end the discussion about whether we should optimize for maximum utilization right here, right now - with a metaphor. Ponder your own answers for the questions.

Your features are the cars. Your teams are the lanes.

Lane 1 is optimized for maximum utilization (80%+).
Lane 2 tries high utilization (50%).
Lane 3 actively minimizes utilization (as close to 0% as possible).

Question: If your goal is to get from A to B as fast as possible - on which lane would you travel?

Question: What happens when a car suddenly needs to brake? (i.e. an impediment occurs)

Question: What happens when a car needs to enter your lane? (i.e. new information becomes available)

Transfer-Question: What is the fastest way to obtain business value in product development?

Concluding Question: Since minimal time-to-market maximizes ROI - which utilization strategy should you pursue?

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