Saturday, December 26, 2015

TWEAK: Ambition

Ambition is the desire not to just fulfil a duty, but to excel - do something better, achieve something better, be something better. There are many ways to increase ambition in a team, but Trust, Willingness and Energy are preconditions. Ambition is usually present in every person, but unfortunately dormant in poorly managed organizations.
As a Scrum Master, you should look out for these factors to raise ambition:

  • Feedback Loops: Acknowledge and credit:
    • Positive attitude
    • Good ideas
    • Good results
  • Opportunity: Provide the means for developers to:
    • try out new things
    • be themselves
    • Accomplish something
  • Safety: Give people an environment where they can safely:
    • Try things that might fail
    • Say the wrong thing
    • Be silly when they feel the need to

There are pretty much two styles of ambition. Negative ambition cares only for personal advantage and is destructive towards the organization. Positive ambition cares for mutually building things up and usually benefits the individual as much as the organization. Raising up ambition is as important as turning negative ambition into positivity.

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