Saturday, December 26, 2015

TWEAK: Energy

Energy is how things are in motion. Low Energy usually implies that something, somewhere is impedited. Leadership activates energy, on which others either thrive. Similar to physics, in an agile environment, there is the law of "conservation of energy" , i.e. energy exists - the question is: In which state?
As a Scrum Master, here are some forms of energy to look for:
  • Motion: Do you see things happening regarding:
    • Improving the product?
    • Improving the process?
    • Teamworking?
    • Technical excellence?
    • Becoming a better organization?
  • Heat: Do you see people caring about these?
  • Light: Do people communicate about these, make them transparent?
  • Magnetic: Where is conflict or tension regarding these?
  • Nuclear: Where is unharnessed, raw potential to create motion, heat or light?

You must understand where the energy is - then, how it can be harnessed - and with whom to work. Where is the heat, where is magnetism - Do you want to shed some light, or set things into motion? There are many ways and there is no "final state". Harnessing energy is a continuous process, and the less directed it is, the more agile the organization becomes. 
The only important aspect of working with energy is: Always make sure the energy is positive. 

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