Wednesday, April 12, 2017

10 Principles of a holarchy

How can you make a holarchy happen? First, you need to establish the values of a holarchy to create a foundation, then you must establish the principles to make it "tick". Here are the principles of a functioning holarchy:

The 10 Principles of a holarchy

1 - Care

Care for True North. Care for what you do. Care for people around you.

2 - Leadership

Everyone leads in anything: what they do, how they think and what they believe. Servant leaders never stop to serve, enable or inspire others.

3 - Engagement

Participate. Contribute where you can. Engage others. Take responsibility.

4 - Decentral

Every holon is autonomous. There are no directed dependencies. There is no "HQ".

5 - Informal

Everything is subject to the current need. There is no prescribed form for anything.

6 - Practical

Do what works, don't what doesn't. What works in your holon may not work in another.

7 - Respect

Everyone has something to contribute. You may need to discover what that is.

8 - Non-judgmental

Just because you disagree doesn't mean they are wrong.

9 - Openness

Everybody's perspective is limited. You grow by seeing through other's eyes.

10 - Voluntary

Everything you do is your choice. Nobody must agree to anything.


These principles are not open to customization or "adjustment for pragmatic purposes". If a single principle of holarchy is broken, the entire structure is threatened. Holarchies are fragile and require continuous attention.

Establishing these principles takes years. There will be a lot of setbacks. Failure, getting up and improving are the normal. Regardless of what you see or what happens - never abandon these principles and do your best to keep them.

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