Thursday, April 27, 2017

Shu-Ha-Ri: Can't we customize?

Let's have a short discussion on Shu-Ha-Ri and how it should affect your learning journey.
Many people feel that "This (or that) constraint isn't right, can't we remove it or try a different approach?"
Some common examples may be: "Why can't we have flexible sprint length?" - "Can't we do that step without a WIP limit?" - or even: "We need more Product Owners!"

Let's explore this matter briefly.

In the basic learner phase (Shu), every approach is rigorous and inflexible - that't the entire point of learning the basics: The constraints serve to protect.

In the advanced learner phase (Ha), the rigour no longer feels like a constraint as you already start to understand why it helps you and you've found ways to harness your potential within those constraints.

In the transcendence phase (Ri), the rigour becomes irrelevant, as you know how to achieve the ends with other means. For that, you must understand these means and the purpose they serve. Now, in the Ri phase, you may even be more rigorous than before - albeit in a different way, that may no longer have anything to do with the original form.

But ...
If you are wondering like "I think Karate hurts my muscles too much. Is Taekwondo better?" I can clearly answer that with: You'll have the same and other problems.

Refrain from the knee-jerk reaction of looking for a different "way out" and consider what you're doing wrong. Also, refrain from considering yourself in the Ri phase - if you were, you wouldn't have so many problems.

For example, a Ri practitioner may feel that Sprints are too slow - they prefer to deliver daily. Or, they don't understand the point of defining WIP limits as theirs is 1. Or, they don't even see the need to have a Product Owner at all.

They can do all those things, but they don't need to do them, because they can achieve the purpose of these practices without any effort.

If you're not there yet, you are Shu.

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