Wednesday, April 12, 2017

The 4 drivers of a holarchy

Concluding the introduction to the basis of a holarchy, let us explore briefly what drives a holarchy:

The 4 drivers of a holarchy

1 - Interaction

Interact with those around you. Build relationships.
It's not enough to interact once. You must continuously interact and communicate.

2 - Inspiration

Give others reasons to want to do what you do - or even more.
Likewise, let yourself be inspired by others.

3 - Participation

It depends on you. If you don't participate in what needs to be done, nothing will change.
Participation is not an individual matter. Align with those who pursue the same goal.

4 - Growth

You're not perfect. Make experiences, learn from others. Seek enlightenment.
Grow as a person and help those around you grow as well.


You must constantly work on all these drivers. They depend on nobody except yourself. Maybe you will be the person with the most drive in your holon, maybe not - that's not important. Important is that you drive.

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